People and Environment

We are passionate about the environment and making it easier for our customers to support businesses committed to reducing their impact on Earth.  


Our products are handpicked and carefully curated through working directly with the people and artisans who make them.  We do not work with agents or third party importers who take commissions.  We are committed to building long-standing relationships with the people we work with, and ensuring that our buying process is transparent and fair.


We do not buy or sell any products made from or containing any single use plastics.  Since the beginning; eliminating single use plastics from our supply-chain has been a priority.  Reusable and recyclable materials and equipment have replaced cheap and easily accessible single use plastic options.


We do not buy or use any plastic protective wrap or packaging and we request that our suppliers try to do the same when sending us their products.  However, where it is not possible for our suppliers to find a plastic-free alternative, we will re-use the plastic packaging.

Our items are wrapped in a recycled paper-based material, eliminating the reliance on hard to recycle plastic bubble wrap and making it easier for you the consumer to easily recycle all packaging.